Global cultural homogenization VS Cultural heterogenization

by kingzhouyang

In a world of growing economic, culture has become one of key diver of change. It can direct two ways, which are homogenization and heterogenization. However, there are still a lot of the provisions of design in the future.

Firstly, let me explain what are homogenization and heterogenization. Base on the research, homogenization is that mighty culture has invaded local culture as well as it has become the dominant culture in local area that aims to eliminate the local culture. Society becomes homogenous. Everyone conforms to western ideal. It also results that loss of individual culture and religions. There are more market competition as well.

However, cultural heterogenization or multicultural society, which means region culture was widely disseminated and accepted by other societies and cultures and meanwhile enhance the cultural diversity in local society.  It could be resulted that richer countries gives incentive to poorer countries to protect their natural environments as well as to adopt more sustainable practices.

There is one article, which emphases the contents of marketing in a multicultural world. Basu notes that global criteria are seen as replacing local perspectives, resurrecting old debates on indiciduality versus universality in perception and preference, on appropriation and reappropriation, and eventually, on modernity and tradition. Whether the discourse is located within general theories of culture or political ideology or contetualized for a given people, the issues invariably encompass both material conditions for creation and transaction of goods and their appreciation in host and foreign cultures.

Finally, we can find out a lot of chances to design any services in both of future word. The cultural things, as a drive of change, makes the world or markets so differently. Global trends in emerging ethnicity and also in global marketing make our design an especially services.

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